Industrial Blasting & Painting

At Wayco, we have the experience and resources to accurately and safely handle all of your surface preparation requirements. As every client’s needs are unique, we tailor a solution to fit your project.

With 35 years of experience working with industry leaders, we understand how essential timelines are for projects. We have the expertise to manage your project, work within your timelines and complete the work on time.

We specialize in preparing, blasting, and painting. We provide industrial painting and coating services for various equipment and surfaces in multiple industries, locations, and elements. We can also handle all your powder coating needs.

Here is a list of items we routinely prepare and paint for clients :

  • Pipe – Internal and External blast and coatings

  • Tanks – Internal and External blast and coatings

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Pumps

  • Motors

  • Refinish Car and truck parts, frames, rims

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Heavy machinery and parts

  • Mower decks

  • Trailer repair and refinishing

  • Carts and Racking

Paints we use:

  • Epoxy

  • Zinc – Organic and Inorganic

  • Polyurethanes

  • Polysiloxanes

  • Polyspartic

  • Enamels

Other Industrial Services